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Published Jessica Vitullo - August 20, 2015

Are you dreaming of a new kitchen? Perhaps you want to give your main bathroom a complete makeover. But if you're living in a condo, you may have to set aside your design ideas. We spoke to Mark Nazar of The Art of Renovation, who shares his expertise on the complexities associated with condominium renovations.

"You have to consider the condominium board, which is responsible for approving any renovation you do in the building and you also have to consider the appropriate permits as a condo renovation design must also satisfy both municipal building codes" he says.

Elevator Restrictions

"This sounds rather obvious, but can be forgotten. Everything that goes into the condominium has to come up an elevator, he says. "It's an important thing to keep in mind when you're considering the design of the space."

Structural Changes are Limited

If you want to take down a wall to increase living space, these structural changes aren't always feasible. "Structural walls cannot be moved because you're dealing with the integrity of the building," says Nazar. In a home, a contractor can take down a wall and strengthen the structure with a supporting beam. You may not have that luxury in a condo.

Be Aware of Plumbing Restrictions

If you want to renovate a bathroom, plumbing can become an issue. "You can use plastic drain pipes in your house, but you can't use plastic, like ABS, in a condominium," says Nazar, adding there is a fire restriction associated with the material, which ultimately adds cost to the project.

In a condominium, Nazar says there are restrictions as to where you can move the plumbing fixtures because of the concrete floor.

How to Renovate a Condo the Right Way

Condo renovation restrictions shouldn't prevent you from doing any remodeling. The correct way to satisfy all requirements without damaging your condo is to speak with an experienced condo renovator. The Art of Renovation specializes in condo renovations. After 30 years, Nazar has acquired extensive knowledge of building codes and knows what condominium boards will and won't approve.

Nazar will work directly with clients to determine what type of design and remodel is feasible. "I figure out what their design requirements are and tell them how I can satisfy those needs," he says.

Once a design concept is developed, Nazar will provide clients with a thorough drawing and description, which is then submitted to the condo board for approval.

Throughout the process, it's Nazar's goal to satisfy the client, the condo board and building codes. "I will come up with a design to please everybody," he says.

Ready to get renovating? Contact Nazar at The Art of Renovation to transform your living space!